The Grunau TEAM strives to be the benchmark of excellence against which our competition measures themselves.

To accomplish this we commit ourselves to:

  • Be customer-driven, both internally as well as externally.
  • Control our destiny with a sales and profit-driven company that emphasizes service, design/build, and strategically selected plan and spec work.
  • Communicate with our TEAM on a full-disclosure basis. Provide each person with timely and accurate information necessary to make sound decisions.
  • Define goals and objectives by person to create an environment which encourages our TEAM to reach for excellence in their business and personal lives.
  • Maintain an organizational structure that empowers our TEAM and allows them to see how they fit and add value.
  • Allocate resources to their highest and best use.
  • Operate by plan in all aspects of our business.
  • Invest in education and training at all levels to continually build our TEAM capabilities.
  • Create partnerships and strategic alliances with our customers and vendors through effective TEAMWORK.
  • Maintain an information system that supports the business plan.
  • Measure and evaluate our performance with an open mind to change and continuous improvement.