Lean is Simple: Simply Done, All in One

Lean is Simple

Lean is simple.  It is all about eliminating waste to provide better value to our customers. We recently cleaned an area that helped our employees be more efficient so they, in turn, can be more productive for our customers. When there is excess material in a space, it takes more time to rummage through things […]

Standardizing Work for Shut-Downs

Standardizing Work

When employees are thinking of a better way to do something, developing written instructions, or standardizing work processes, they are contributing to our Lean culture. Lean is not “something extra” to do but rather an integral part of our everyday work at Grunau. Grunau Service Plumber Helps MillerCoors These Lean Construction principles and were encompassed in simple […]

Pipe Prefabrication Boosts Production

Pipe Prefabrication

Grunau’s experience has taught us that the more material that can be prefabricated before it arrives at the jobsite, the more productive and cost-effective a job can be. We’ve used prefabrication since the 1970’s but have stepped up the efforts in more recent years.  Pipe prefabrication is especially relevant for this downtown remodeling project. An insurance company […]

Continuous Improvement in Metals Mania

continuous improvement stainless u-cell

Enthusiasm abounded in the latest Lean 5S / kaizen (continuous improvement) event in our Grunau Metals shop. All of the Metals Shop members were on the team that worked on some part of this 4½-day event in February.  Plus the team received help from our Grunau electricians to make electrical changes. Visiting Past Kaizen Events […]