Grunau Company employees apply the ‘Customer Focused. Built on Values’ tagline every day – and never more apparent than with Michael Jones, Grunau Company Project Sales Manager, and his team in Orlando, FL.

“It is how we’ve always operated: doing the right thing, even when no one is looking,” said Jones.

The Grunau team was contacted recently on a Wednesday by a client who shut down due to

Grunau employees working on fire protection

Grunau employees worked to achieve a 50-hour turnaround on an emergency fire protection job.

the COVID-19 pandemic.  The client was planning on having state fire inspectors at their facility on the following Monday, but they had a problem.

“They called us on Thursday morning and asked if we could bring a temporary fire pump online. They couldn’t pass the inspection or run their business without it, “said Jones. “They were trying to fix the controller but if it didn’t work, they needed a temporary fire pump quickly since they had a state inspection on Monday.  It was imperative to opening their business back up.”

Jones and his team sprang to action. The teamwork involved was nothing short of extraordinary.  Grunau Company Service Project Manager Brian Horn coordinated with Warehouse Manager George Miller for quick material procurement. This ensured the field would have what they needed, when they needed it.  Horn also pulled together a great team to ensure the installation was completed in lightning speed.  COVID-19 led the branch to have a lighter field crew, and they needed to act quickly to find workers without an active night shift.

Getting the Fire Protection Job Done

By Thursday night the temporary fire pump was in position and ready for new pipe to be installed. Friday, Grunau started at 7 am to ensure delivery of the product. The crew worked tirelessly, through the end of the day.  By the end of the 13-hour shift, the crew had finished. Saturday morning, at 7:30AM the AHJ provided approval to open. In less than 50 hours, Grunau provide a temporary fire pump, pipe network and acceptance test by the AHJ.

This was all accomplished through teamwork, dedication and focus from Grunau employees.

“I would like to take a brief moment and tip my hat to the team that made this happen. Thank you! Your teamwork and dedication is much appreciated,” said Jones. “Brian Horn, George Miller, Jeremy Smith, Corey McGrath, Desmond Olio-Bush, and Brady Frackowski did a great job.  Also thank you to MagTech for providing the temporary fire pump within 13 hours of notification. “

Contact Grunau Company for all of your fire protection needs at or 800-365-1920.