Positives to Piping Prefabrication

Piping Prefabrication

Prefabrication has proven to be very beneficial in the HVAC and construction industry. At Grunau, we’ve also found many positives to piping prefabrication. For a current job with MCW, one of our mechanical coordinators developed the skids prefabrication idea. Our Sr engineer then developed the flow diagram for both glycol and chilled water pump skids. Two […]

Healthy Hearts Charity Lunch at Grunau

Healthy Hearts

Healthy hearts are important to Grunau so on June 29, the Oak Creek Grunau office held a charity potluck lunch.  Since all food was provided by employees, the $5 per person cost was donated 100% to the American Heart Association. State Fair can be Healthy! The lunch theme was “State Fair” which made it doubly fun to think of […]

Metal Railings in Laser Focus

Metal Railings Laser Focus

Along with the install of the new Python robotic beamline in the Grunau Metals Shop during the autumn of 2016, the Metals team made a major change in the way one of their most popular products, metal railings, are made. During a 5S event years ago in the metal railings area, many discussions occurred on how to […]

Core Slugs Caught in 20-Story Wonder

Core Slugs

When our Grunau Metals project team was faced with finding a safe and efficient way to catch concrete core slugs from 20 floors above street-level, creative minds went to work.  This was a real-life situation where Lean problem solving skills were used.  A condominium along Milwaukee’s waterfront has an 8-foot cantilevered roof overhanging the entire […]

Lean Innovations Taken to New Heights

Lean Innovations at Grunau

Creative thinking and developing a better way to perform our tasks are basic principles of Lean construction. Grunau encourages employees daily to think of Lean innovations. When the HVAC team started talking about how to lift air handling units on to each of the over 30 floors of a new skyscraper being built, their minds went […]

This metal deck project was a gas!

Metal Deck for Gas Plant

Grunau Metals fabricated and delivered a new metal centrifuge deck and compaction deck for Dakota Gasification Company in North Dakota.  This plant uses a coal gasification process that produces synthetic natural gas.  In turn, that gas is used for heating and making energy.  They also produce fertilizers like ammonium sulfate and anhydrous ammonia, plus other industrial chemicals, but with far fewer […]

There’s no “I” in Team or Canopy

Grunau Metal Canopy

There is no “I” in Team.   That was certainly the case for The RiverCenter entrance project at Schlitz Park. Having previously solved problems for green initiatives on the Schlitz Park grounds, Grunau Metals came together with a dream team of local experts to translate an artist’s rendering for a glass and metal canopy into a reality. […]

Architectural Feature Wall: Stainless Steel & Rust Pair Beautifully

Steel Rust Architectural Feature Wall

When a local manufacturer wanted to erect an architectural feature wall, they turned to Grunau Metals. With our unique knowledge and experience in specialty metals, Grunau Metals  constructed an outdoor feature wall using COR-TEN material, also known as weathering steel. This type of material will develop a protective coat of rust when exposed to the […]

Clean Room for Medical Manufacturer

Clean Room

A major medical device manufacturer needed a “clean room” built but with one caveat; it needed to be placed inside an existing structure. A clean room is typically used when manufacturing a product that requires a low level of environmental pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. Due to the amount of equipment needed […]