The Grunau Cycling Club inspires its members to take action on their own health. The Cycling Club, created in 2017, rides once a week during the summer.  There are a few dozen active members in the club, consisting of Grunau employees, vendors, and customers.  Members of the Cycling Club also participate in official bike rides, including Bike MS: Toyota Best Dam Bike Tour, and the Eppstein Uhen Beyond Design Bike Tour.

Lyndsey Eisenhardt, Kelly Molitor and other members of the Grunau Cycling Club on a ride.

Members of the Grunau Cycling Club

“It is a great opportunity to talk with coworkers and vendors outside of the office setting,” said Lyndsey Eisenhardt, Assistant Project Manager at Grunau. “You learn a lot about people on that hour-long bike ride every week. You connect on a deeper level with no pressure or expectations.  You’re just riding.”

Eisenhardt joined the Cycling Club two years ago after she took charge of her health and was inspired by a fellow coworker to attend a local weight loss clinic.

“I had a lot of success at the clinic, and I saw Lyndsey fighting the same battles I did at the start of my journey,” said Kelly Molitor, Project Assistant at Grunau Company. “I wish I had more support like that during that time, and I wanted her to be successful. The Club is a great way to exercise and socialize.”

Eisenhardt then went on to lose over 80 pounds.  The Cycling Club seemed like a natural next step, though she had to overcome childhood trauma to start riding again.

“When I was a kid, I had a horrible bike accident where I lost my front teeth and broke my arm,” said Eisenhardt. “It was pretty traumatic, so getting back on a bicycle after 20 years was a big step. It felt like enough was enough.  Biking with the Club was this culmination of taking responsibility of my life and conquering my fear. The next year, I did 110 miles in two days.”

Once she overcame that hurdle and started actively riding with the Cycling Club, Eisenhardt feels a stark difference in her daily activities.

“I have a ton more energy.  The extra weight takes a toll on everyday activities- even tying your shoes or walking quicker.  It takes a large mental toll, too,” said Eisenhardt. “Now that I’ve been on this journey, I can feel the difference. I also have a lot more confidence and respect for myself.”

Eisenhardt is thankful for the support she received at Grunau. “I had the support from the clinic, but I also had the support at Grunau to keep me motivated and accountable. My husband was also really supportive at home.”

Anyone is welcome to join the Grunau Cycling Club, including Grunau employees, friends, vendors and customers.