With summer approaching, many business owners seek ways to maximize the functioning of their air conditioner and HVAC systems.  Here are five things businesses can do to keep their air conditioning summer ready.

  1. Clean condenser coils and maintain clear air space.

This is the most likely source of contamination on a yearly basis. It is also the part of the air conditioning system that is working hardest. Ensuring good air flow and maintaining the most efficient heat transfer possible guarantees the vapor compression cycle efficiency.

  1. Clean the cooling/evaporator coil and replace air filters.

Cleaning your cooling coils is a necessity as dirty coils will impede heat transfer, and

air conditioning

Check your air conditioning unit to ensure maximized efficiency.

dirty filters reduce air flow.  Both of these cause the HVAC system to perform sub optimally.

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  1. Adjust economizer and minimum Outdoor Air (ventilation) settings.

Moisture is the enemy of air conditioning. A malfunctioning economizer or broken outdoor air damper will introduce more humidity than desired to the space causing the effectiveness of your AC system to go down.

  1. Coordinate morning cool down or overnight heat purge.

This is an energy saving strategy that allows utilization of a free cooling scenario.  This results in lower dry bulb and dew point temperatures at night to purge building heat to the atmosphere without the need for mechanical cooling. This is sometimes referred to as nighttime purge.

  1. Adjust discharge air temperature based upon weather and cooling load.

Provided that you are accomplishing proper dehumidification, the supply air set point of an air handling system can be optimized to achieve comfort cooling with higher temperatures.

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The most important aspect of air conditioning is to achieve humidity control in the cooling season.  Oftentimes, this advanced control strategy can be achieved to some small improvements to Direct Digital Controls (DDC) controls.

Tip: The easiest way to save money on your cooling system is to reduce your overall cooling load. IE: Remember to turn off appliances, turn off your lights. If you have blinds, encourage your employees to use them. Encourage your employees to turn off their space heaters, as they contribute to the building’s cooling and electrical load.