Rite-Hite Global Headquarters ~ Milwaukee

Rite-Hite's new global headquarters includes HVAC installed by Grunau. There is an underfloor air distribution system that utilizes one of Rite-Hite's Companies' product, DuctSox, to move air from the plenum to the designated areas. Grunau installed 3 air handlers, Aeromec chillers, and Aerco boilers. Grunau also installed 2 Snow Melt systems with 30,000 feet of Rehau tubing used on the East parking lot and ground-level patio. Grunau installed the prefabricated Therma-Hexx snow melt system on three other patios at different levels. These are on raised patios where glycol flows through channels in the panel, melting the snow.

Grunau Location: Wisconsin Office

Owner: Rite-Hite

Architect: EUA ~ Eppstein Uhen Architects

Engineer: IBC Engineering

Man-Hours: 29000

Completed: May 2023