Florida PlanGrid

Grunau’s Orlando fire protection office began a new process for providing drawings, specifications, labor breakdown, test papers, stocklists, scope of work and any other documents that are normally provided in the “foreman’s packet”.  They are now using the construction app called “PlanGrid”. Also Grunau’s safety-related documents can be found on the Florida PlanGrid app including site specific safety plans, daily huddles, JHA (job hazard analysis), and PSI (pre-job safety instructions).  Small tablet computers were consequently purchased for each foreman in Orlando to utilize this software.  Now all the most current documents are literally at the foreman’s fingertips.

Here’s the basic process:

  1. Project Manager (PM) wins the job
    • PM logs into PlanGrid and opens the “Project Template”
    • PM “Clones the Project” and checks “Sheets” and “Attachments” boxes
    • For consistency, the development team decided on a naming convention by using first the contract number and then the actual project name
    • Cloning the project only takes about 1-2 minutes and an email confirmation is received when the process is completed
    • At that point, the PM can begin uploading the project’s necessary documents and/or drawings
  2. Kick-off meeting
    • Invitees: PM, Designer, Shop Foreman, Superintendent; Optional: Design Manager, Branch Manager, Operations Manager
    • Discuss schedule, scope, budget, hours, specialty/long lead items, and review documents
    • Review Plans, Specs, Proposal, Contract, and Turnover Sheet
    • PlanGrid roles = project Designer will be administrator; Foreman will be power collaborator
  3. Design
    • Uploads drawings (i.e. shop and approved drawings) to PlanGrid as completed and/or needed
    • Uploads documents such as Test Certificates, Permits, Fab List, Approved Project Data, etc. as attachments
  4. Foreman
    • Uses PlanGrid to document daily production by highlighting what was accomplished; then uploading (with date stamp) to the PlanGrid cloud
    • When designer makes changes to drawings & uploads, the foreman receives immediately via the PlanGrid cloud

We are monitoring this pilot project and will then make adjustments as needed. Grunau is breaking the gridlock of doing the same thing over and over by using this new Florida PlanGrid process.  This software and new process greatly improves communication and keeps work variation to a minimum.  Continuous improvement and eliminating waste, that’s what Lean Construction is all about!