Healthy Hearts

Healthy hearts are important to Grunau so on June 29, the Oak Creek Grunau office held a charity potluck lunch.  Since all food was provided by employees, the $5 per person cost was donated 100% to the American Heart Association.

State Fair can be Healthy!

The lunch theme was “State Fair” which made it doubly fun to think of healthy foods instead of the now-popular deep-fried fair offerings.  Healthy food selections we offered included pickle-on-a-stick, apples, watermelon cubes, tossed green salad, & coleslaw.  We also had Amish rotisserie chicken and real-dairy cheese slices (we are in Wisconsin after all!).  We even had a “smoothies station” with fruit, aloe vera juice, and healthy yogurt.  The smoothies were made fresh on site in a VitaMix blender brought from home.

As one concession to reflect the Wisconsin State Fair, we served mini cream puffs.  The cream puffs were made by a local bakery with real ingredients.  Since they were mini “2-bite” size, they were still healthier than a full-size cream puff!

As an added incentive to get more participation, we had a drawing for State Fair tickets to people who signed up to eat in advance.  If you brought food for the potluck, you then had 2 chances to win.  We donated over $225 and all enjoyed heart healthy food for a good cause.