Four students from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School will work at Grunau Company for the 2018-2019 school year.

Cristo Rey Jesuit follows a unique, nationally-successful work-study model, enabling each student to earn a portion of their educational costs by working in entry-level positions in Milwaukee-area companies.  Through the work-study program, the students gain invaluable experience in professional work environments that will help them make informed decisions

Cristo Rey student on a tour

Branch Manager Ryan McCausland explains pipe fabrication to a Cristo Rey High School student.

about their abilities and their future.  Grunau Company is the beneficiary of the student workers’ productivity and contributions- allowing us all to partake in developing the talent pool for Milwaukee’s future.

“We are excited to be a work partner with Cristo Rey,” said Bill Ball, president. “It is a great opportunity to help these students learn and grow professionally.”

The Grunau team strives to be the benchmark of excellence against which our competition measures themselves.  This encompasses not only our work, but our commitment to our employees and community.  Children from all backgrounds should be supported and encouraged in their education and dreams.  It is with this philosophy that, with enthusiasm, Grunau Company looks forward to working with the Cristo Rey students to help further their educational and career goals.

The students will work in four areas: Accounting, Service, APi Document Management, and Marketing. Each student will work five full days per month with a dedicated supervisor and mentor.  Through the innovative program, students gain confidence, connect the relevance of their academic coursework to future employment, acquire skills that will benefit their career, and receive unprecedented access to the professional world.